Beta 0.0.2

21 Sep 2013 23:57
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Download PokePP Beta-0.0.2 here!
PokePP is an excel-based, graphical program in it's early stages of user testing.
This version comes prepackaged with Black 2/White 2 pokedex information, for other generations/games please see the instructions on the first sheet.

What's new in PokePP Beta-0.0.2?

I have dubbed this release as Pokedex Corrections.
This means every bug fix and improvement is dedicated to giving you the most accurate pokedex as possible.

Bug Fixes

  • 'Fairy' types leaking in to pre-gen 6 pokedex generations
  • Pokedex Generation sometimes failed due to incorrectly set up internet connection
  • Moves weren't guaranteed to have correct data for early generations


  • Pokedex is now generated based off a Game Version instead of a Generation, which now leads to more accurate movesets
    • Example: The pikachu in Red/Blue had a fairly limited moveset, but in Yellow this was expanded. In previous PokePP versions you would automatically get the information for Yellow when generating Gen 1 pokedex
  • Supports multi-formed pokemon
  • Added support for 'Special' and 'Dream World' moves in pokemon movesets
  • Pokedex and Movedex now displayed as a table with the following features:
    • Sort the pokedex using any of the available information shown
    • Filter the pokedex by certain values to reduce number of shown pokedex entries
      • Example: Only show pokemon with total stats above 550, and/or with a certain type, etc..

So How About It?

If you've tried out this program, please let me know what you think in the comments, or email me at: moc.liamg|jabemllactsuj#moc.liamg|jabemllactsuj
If you have a suggestion for an improvement or new feature, please submit it at the PokePP Wishes Page

For more information about potential bugs, or if you find an issue of your own, please submit it at the PokePP Bugs Page


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