Beta 0.0.1

11 Sep 2013 04:11
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Available for Download at….

Download PokePP Beta-0.0.1 here!
PokePP is an excel-based, graphical program in it's early stages of user testing.
This version comes prepackaged with Generation 5 pokedex information, for other generations please see the instructions on the first sheet.

What's new in PokePP Beta-0.0.1?

Although I did give a sneak preview earlier on this week of what to expect for this release, I had a change of plans. I decided to only work on the bug fixes and program improvements until it's a more stable program, and then I can continue to work on new features. So that means this release brings us…

Bug Fixes

  • Moves aren't shown as learned by 'Tutor' when they should be HM/TM/Prevo/Etc
  • Prevo moves aren't shown as learned by Level
  • Pokedex Generation form shows incorrect values on startup
  • Analysis was not properly tallying up strong/weak defense values and resulted in incorrect results.


  • Pokedex Generation now runs super fast!
    • Previously, generation took quite a while, possibly close (or over) a minute due to slow insertion of data in to the excel sheets
    • Now, generation takes only a matter of fractions of a second! Yay!
  • No longer relies on Internet Explorer. While it's possible that no one understands the huge impact this has, I can easily say this is a HUGE improvement and creates a faster, more stable, program.

So How About It?

If you've tried out this program, please let me know what you think in the comments, or email me at: moc.liamg|jabemllactsuj#moc.liamg|jabemllactsuj
If you have a suggestion for an improvement or new feature, please submit it at the PokePP Wishes Page

For more information about potential bugs, or if you find an issue of your own, please submit it at the PokePP Bugs Page


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