Coming Soon - Bug Fixes and Improvements

06 Sep 2013 06:10
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So initial release version of PokePP is a little… rough around the edges, shall we say. But with the upcoming release of Beta 0.0.1 you can expect to see some smoother edges and even a couple new features.
As for a release date, I hope it to be sometime next week, possibly next weekend. All the bug fixes and improvements have already finished their development stages, but the new features and testing of the release have yet to be finished.

Bug Fixes

  • Moves aren't shown as learned by 'Tutor' when they should be HM/TM/Prevo/Etc
  • Prevo moves aren't shown as learned by Level
  • Pokedex Generation form shows incorrect values on startup


  • Pokedex Generation now runs so fast you don't even see the old values!
    • Previously, generation took quite a while, possibly close (or over) a minute due to slow insertion of data in to the excel sheets
    • Now, generation takes only a matter of fractions of a second! Yay!
  • No longer relies on Internet Explorer

New Features

  • Import/Export party to a human-readable text file. Potential uses include
    • Showing off your party to friends who don't have PokePP or on forums
    • Saving your parties outside PokePP so they can be reimported when upgrading versions

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