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06 Sep 2013 02:51
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Here's yet another 'How-To' for the new PokePP. This time I'm going to focus on how to best use the Pokedex and Movedex sheets when looking for new pokemon in your party. For now most of these things will be consider a 'work around' in order to get the information you need, but I have future plans to make these automated features to make everyone's lives a little bit easier.

Some tips…


So the Pokedex is very similar to what everyone knows as the in-game Pokedex: A database of information about each of the Pokemon available in the game. In PokePP the Pokedex is ordered by National Pokedex Number and holds a lot of the basic information about the Pokemon (name, types, stats, move-sets, etc). Also, a spinoff 'Movedex' is available for a similar purpose: a database for all the available moves in the game and their basic information.


As for the Movedex, the moves are grouped according to which generation they were introduced, then by alphabet. This means you will first see all the Generation 1 moves from A-Z, then Generation 2 A-Z, and so on and so on.

The nice thing about it is you can use a very familiar 'Find' option (Control + F) to search the entire page for anything you need. Want a pokemon who knows a certain move? Is a certain type? Just use Control + F! Want a move that can 'confuse' the opponent? How about something to affect 'speed'? Use Control + F!

Another good thing is that the types of each pokemon and move are colour-coded; This makes finding a pokemon or a move of a certain type (or combination of types) much easier. For moves, they also have colour-coded categories (Physical, Special, and Status) to again make searching easier at a glance.

So it's not much for now, but hopefully these little tidbits can help you when planning your perfect party!

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