Beta 0.0.0 is here!

01 Sep 2013 22:16
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Available for Download at….

Download PokePP Beta-0.0.0 here!
PokePP is an excel-based, graphical program in it's early stages of user testing.
This version comes prepackaged with Generation 5 pokedex information, for other generations please see the instructions on the first sheet.

What's new in PokePP Beta-0.0.0?

Everything! This is it's first release, so I'll give an overview of all the features available right now:

  • Create and design pokemon parties
    • Add or remove pokemon from a party, while viewing their information, such as:
      • Stats an information about the pokemon's species (Base stats, nat dex number, type, etc)
      • All the available moves for a pokemon and how the pokemon can learn it
      • Stats on each of the chosen moves including Power, Accuracy, PP, and it's description
    • Load sprite images for a pokemon from the web
    • Save, Load, and Delete as many parties as you want!
  • Analyze each party
    • Automatically calculates strengths and weaknesses of the party
    • Displays the statistics found in the calculations
  • Every pokemon program needs a type chart!
    • Displays an easy to read chart for each types strengths/weaknesses
    • Analyzes the types to determine which are best as defensive types (ie the types of your pokemon) and which are best as offensive types (ie the types of your pokemon moves)

So How About It?

In addition to the new features, there are unfortunately a few bugs and kinks to work out, but they aren't critical and will be fixed in upcoming releases. For more information about these issues, or if you find an issue of your own, please submit it at the PokePP Bugs Page

If you've tried out this program, please let me know what you think in the comments, or email me at: moc.liamg|jabemllactsuj#moc.liamg|jabemllactsuj
If you have a suggestion for an improvement or new feature, please submit it at the PokePP Wishes Page


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