Beta 0.1.0

25 Jan 2014 17:47
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Available for Download at….

Download PokePP Beta-0.1.0 here!
PokePP is an excel-based, graphical program in it's early stages of user testing.
This version comes prepackaged with X/Y pokedex information, for other generations/games please see the instructions on the first sheet.

What's new in PokePP Beta 0.1.0?

Since this is the first release since X/Y were released, that has been my focus for all the features.

Bug Fixes

  • When changing your pokedex, users no longer experience errors when updating their current party pokemon (previous work-around was to remove and re-add the pokemon)


  • X/Y is now an available pokedex option from the Welcome Page!
  • Information about the game version of your current party is displayed and saved
  • When loading a party that was created/saved for a different generation, PokePP prompts the user if they want to switch to the matching pokedex
  • Able to export your party into human-readable text!
    • Use this to save your parties outside of PokePP
    • Post these to various pokemon communities to discuss and show off your party!
  • Able to import your party from human-readable text!
    • Imports the same format as export, so you can easily share your party or load it in to a new version of PokePP
    • The import allows for a wide range of formats and acronyms (a guide to Import Format's is coming soon!)
  • Pop-up messages are now formatted better
    • Uniform font type and size
    • Message box changes size to accommodate shorter or longer messages, adding a scrollbar when necessary
  • Further improvements to party loading, now it's even faster!

So How About It?

If you've tried out this program, please let me know what you think in the comments, or email me at: moc.liamg|jabemllactsuj#moc.liamg|jabemllactsuj
If you have a suggestion for an improvement or new feature, please submit it at the PokePP Wishes Page

For more information about potential bugs, or if you find an issue of your own, please submit it at the PokePP Bugs Page


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