What Players Say.... About building a Pokemon Party

07 Nov 2013 04:35
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So as I was starting out with development for PokePP, I considered all the things I thought about when building a pokemon party and used that to base the concept and design on. As I developed I thought it would be good to let others have a crack at it and see if it could help them, so I began asking questions on local forums such as PokeCommunity and Serebii.Net.

Question: What do you take in to account when picking pokemon for a party?

This question was asked at three forums: PokeCommunity - Gaming Central, Serebii Forums - General Pokemon Discussion, and Bulbagarden - Pokemon Video Games.
Feel free to have a look at the original discussions, but if you want a simple summary, have a look below!

Results: What did users consider most?

Although I'm not going to name all the things mentioned in these threads, I will point out some of the key points made, and also some of the interesting ideas that were brought up:



This was probably the most talked about aspect out of all the replies I received. I think this isn't a very surprising result considering most of the time it was in the context of casual-gaming.
But this gives me something to think about: Should I only cater to the competitive teams, or is it worth it to add 'casual-gaming' features to PokePP?



This was the biggest competitive aspect that nearly everyone mentioned. Types are a huge part of the Pokemon games and can make or break a team, so again, not a very surprising result. A fair amount of people mentioned having no overlapping types (both for pokemon in the party, and for moves in an individual pokemons moveset), and also a sense of 'balance' among the pokemon through their types.
As for PokePP, it already covers these concepts in it's current Type Analysis sheet to help users prevent doubling up on types, and also showing how balanced the team is. I think PokePP could definitely benefit from a more comprehensive analysis though, to bring more attention to the points that these users made.



Now this is a gaming aspect that I had never considered before when developing PokePP: When/How can I get a pokemon? Do I have to trade for it? Is it natural in my current game? Do I have to jump through hoops and dance in order to get the exact nature/ability/stats/moves I want?
Definitely a hole in my plans, but one I plan to fill. The first idea's that come to mind would be a funky thing called a "Chrono-Report". This Chrono-Report would provide a chronological viewing of how your party would form, showing when you could get each aspect of your pokemon from the first opportunity you get to catching the pokemon, to when you can catch the egg father you need, to when they evolve (if you assume a natural leveling curve), etc… In my mind it's a very useful aspect to have, especially if you plan to battle competitively before you finish your game, or even if you plan out a team to go against the Elite Four, only to realize you can't complete your party in time.

A Party with a Purpose


Again, never really considered this one too much, but definitely a lot of features come to mind. How about a feature to analyze how your party would do against the Elite Four? or a particular Gym Leader? Or do you know of a party/pokemon-combo that a lot of people use that you have difficulties with? If you were able to see how your party would fair in a very specific battle, I think that could help you plan and prevent against some nasty surprises. While a certain weakness may not seem all that bad, perhaps it's your Achilles Heel for that important battle.

The Next Question: How would you cover a pokemon's type weakness?


Since types were such a huge response to my previous question, I think it's appropriate to have a follow up question on that topic.

Got an opinion you'd like to share, or a vote you want to cast in the poll?
Make sure you visit PokeCommunity Thread - Do you make your pokemon try to cover its own weakness or aim to cover party weaknesses?!

If you have any questions, or ideas for the next PokePP Question, be sure to voice them in the comments!

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