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01 Sep 2013 00:26
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PokePP (aka Pokemon Party Planner) is a new Graphical Excel-based program to help you manage your parties. First, pick a generation of pokemon to match whatever version you are playing, then away you go! You have access to information about every pokemon in that generation: their types, stats, available moves, how they learn those moves, etc.. You also have access to every move in the generation as well: type, category, power, pp, accuracy, and description.
Not only can you plan out each detail of each pokemon in your party, you can also look at an analysis of your party. This analysis will tell you which types of pokemon your party is good against, or weak against. This is vital for planning your party to make sure a single pokemon doesn't come along and wipe out your entire party! (Well, maybe not your entire party, but you know what I mean)

This program is very close to its Beta release, and I'm looking forward to getting it out there and getting feedback on how to improve. Since its Beta, it won't have much more than what I described, but there is a lot more to come and its just a matter of time.

To track the bugs/suggestions being made, make sure to look at the PokePP Feedback Page. And if you have any suggestions of your own, please add them using the bug/wish tab and 'submit' buttons on the right!

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